A place above the pain and suffering  of disease, depression and hate. A state of mind that embraces Strength, Will, Happiness, Peace, and Freedom from physical, mental, and emotional pain. 


Mother Earth:

The human body is formed from Mother Earth which is the womb of all life on this planet. Mother Earth sub stains all life on this planet through the plants that rise from her surface and reach deep within her body to bring forth Vitamins, minerals and Nutrients. These elements are necessary for wellness they make us whole. Balance is a truth; it’s an equation that results in health and wellness. A mother nourishes her children from a mother’s milk. The earth nourishes us from the fruits, vegetables and Herbs that spring forth from her body. When we take this nourishment from the Earth away our body comes out of a state of wellness to a state of imbalance. The imbalance manifest itself as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart attack, strokes and every form of illness known to man.

Without these elements in our body we are subjected to a form of Hell which represents disease, mental illness, weakness and pain.



Medicinal plants have been used by all cultures of the Earth since time began. Mankind’s knowledge of the power and purpose of plants was used throughout the world to maintain health and balance in the human body.

Then came a time on the Earth when profit and greed became the Gods of the dominate cultures. The healers of the Earth became known as Sorcerer's and Witch Doctors. Herbs became known as weeds and were destroyed by powerful chemicals that poisoned the Earth and took her children out of BALANCE.  




Nutrition and Detoxification

  are the keys to Wellness


The Miracle Tree "Discovery Channel Documentary "














Kills Cancer Cells











Overall Wellness

































Heaven on Earth Herbs





Our Mission is to restore Balance to the Children of Mother Earth by taking back the Power to Define






We will search throughout the Earth and bring back the knowledge of the ancestors of Mankind to reconnect us to our Mother Earth and reestablish Balance in The Earth!!!



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